Our Pumpkins

At McCurdy's Pumpkins, we typically grow more than 15 varities of pumpkins. We have lots of Jack-o-Lantern types, giant pumpkins, white pumpkins, specialty varieties, as well as miniature pumpkins. Come on out to see what we have! The typical varieties we grow include:


Jack-o-Lantern Varieties
     Howden Biggie
     Formula 1, Racer

Miniature & Pie Pumpkins
     Baby Bear

Specialty Pumpkins
     Polar Bear (Giant white pumpkins)

Our pumpkins are grown from Johnny's Select Seeds and Rupp Seeds.


Weddings & Special Events

Fall weddings need fall decor...and lots of pumpkins from McCurdy's Pumpkin Patch! Please contact us about your special order.


Wholesale Orders

We pride ourselves on being able to provide quality wholesale pumpkins to groups large and small.  We offer u-pick as well as picked and delivered pricing.  Call or email for wholesale.


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