Our Pumpkins

At McCurdy's Pumpkins, we typically grow more than 15 varities of pumpkins. We have lots of Jack-o-Lantern types, giant pumpkins, white pumpkins, specialty varieties, as well as miniature pumpkins. Come on out to see what we have! The typical varieties we grow include:


Jack-o-Lantern Varieties
     Howden Biggie
     Formula 1, Racer

Miniature & Pie Pumpkins
     Baby Bear

Specialty Pumpkins
     Polar Bear (Giant white pumpkins)

Our pumpkins are grown from Johnny's Select Seeds and Rupp Seeds.


Have an A-MAZE-ing time at McCurdy's!

Come out to the patch and have fun getting lost in our 2-acre corn maze.  It's definitely not the biggest maze out there, but it's great for families with kids. The maze is open anytime the patch is open (Saturdays 10 to 6, Sundays 12 to 6). If it's exceptionally muddy, we may have to temporarily close the maze, but that's a rare occasion!


Remember to wear shoes or boots. Flip-flops and sandals aren't cut out for the rough terrain you'll find under foot! And it can be muddy!  Our maze is a scavenger hunt, so be prepared to explore the whole thing!  It's not a race to the finish, but a quest to find all the stations.


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