School Field Trips are Welcome at McCurdy's Pumpkins!

We welcome all ages of children to visit McCurdy's Pumpkins. A 1-hour trip to the patch can include:

Brief welcome and patch orientation
Lesson on pumpkin growth
Reading about pumpkins
Time for traveling through the corn maze (guided for younger groups) and play in the farm play area
Taking home your very own pumpkin!

Field trips are by appointment only. Each field trip can be modified to fit the age of the children as well as the time available.

$5 per student

All field trips include one pumpkin for each student, as well as a free pumpkin for the classroom! We will pre-pick pumpkins that are age-appropriate. Ann's rule -- if you can't carry it on your own, then it's too big for you!


Please call Ann at 712.254.1128 to arrange your trip to the patch!  We ask that all groups be accompanied by at least one adult per 10 children.  You are welcome to bring your lunch or snack and eat it at the patch. We have several picnic tables and one small toddler picnic table. There is also a port-a-potty available at the patch, but there is not a handwashing station.


Private Groups

Groups are welcome by appointment. For more details and availability, please call Ann at 712.254.1128.

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